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This website (www.otstudent.info) and it's creator make no claims for the actual reliability or validity of any of the Mind Maps displayed on the website. Although I make every effort to make sure that information is reliable, up to date and accurate, I may fail in this and as a result you may be looking at something which is not 100%.

Now that the website uses MindMeister to facilitate collaboration, Mind Maps can be edited in real time by anyone - this makes the whole thing much more user friendly but also gives space to vandalism. I'll keep an eye on things and if this is a problem I'll restrict access again only to those Occupational Therapists and students that want to help out. 

Look on this site as a guide and a network of ideas about OT, nothing here is supposed to be definite and every Mind Map represents only our understanding of a topic and the links are only those which have occurred to us. The website was created to help me and not specifically to teach others so no responsibility will be taken by me for any mistakes or misunderstandings.

Some aspects of this site will be more relevant to the geographical area that I trained and work in, if things are different where you are feel free to let me know and I can adjust the emphasis. 

All Mind Maps placed on this website are entirely the work of myself unless clearly stated otherwise and are as such my own intellectual property and copyright. Please feel free to use them constructively and reference the website accordingly.

There are links to MindMeister and for Amazon.co.uk which use cookies to track your interest, this helps support otstudent.info. Please continue to support this not-for-profit website which costs more to host and update than it will ever make in referrals.

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