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Minor updates

posted 11 Oct 2011, 16:47 by Tommy Carr

Made some minor changes to pages, changed the social media buttons to make them show up a bit better, also changed some of the text now the competition is over (must sort that out!), started removing all adsense adverts since I havent had a single click anyway...


posted 20 Jul 2011, 12:14 by Tommy Carr

note to self: need to consider geo-targetting. At the moment we are UK targeted. This works well for most things but does mean that international visitors are directed to UK orientated links for amazon.co.uk and ThinkBuzan UK. I'm not sure how easy it would be to make a users experience more fitting to the locale, maybe making a mirror site that is USA? I will have to look into this but I guess it is low on the priority list.

Sidebar + amazon association

posted 19 Jul 2011, 16:06 by Tommy Carr

I've been updating the sidebar this week, oh made the footer better too with more static links to the competition, and image-maps.com.

I've also become an affiliate with amazon so I can offer links to useful OT books on each page.

and the sidebar hopefully looks less cluttered...

lots to do

Models mindmap and MOHO mindmap

posted 19 Jun 2011, 15:45 by Tommy Carr

I've started going through old notes and updating what is on here. I updated the models mindmap and then added three new child mindmaps to the MOHO one as well as making this a bit better. 

I also changed the bottom banner to make it a bit smaller, but also more up to date. I'll be interested to hear any feedback on whether the animated banner is distracting.

Reed and Sanderson - Finally

posted 9 Jun 2011, 16:31 by Tommy Carr

I finally got around to creating a Reed and Sanderson mind map. There is a huge lack of info on the internet about what is commonly know as the Reed and Sanderson model but is actually the Human Occupation Model. I had heard that the model had been withdrawn, in any event it is coming up to 30 years old and has been replaced by CMOP amongst others. I wanted to include something on Reed and Sanderson though simply because my experience is that so many OT departments still use it as a basis for initial assessments.

Case Studies - fixed

posted 9 Jun 2011, 10:27 by Tommy Carr   [ updated 9 Jun 2011, 16:31 ]

Seems like the link to the case studies wasnt working, I have changed it so it now directs to the right pages.

EDIT - there was too much wrong with the case studies pages, and not enough relevant to users at this stage so I have deleted these mind maps until such point as they can be reintegrated. 


posted 9 Jun 2011, 10:24 by Tommy Carr   [ updated 9 Jun 2011, 10:27 ]

I launched a competition last week, you can find it at www.otstudent.info/competition 
I'm hoping that this will stimulate some more interest and also provide an opportunity to get involved in the development of the site, we'll see how it goes.

Image hosting

posted 6 May 2011, 13:07 by Tommy Carr   [ updated 6 May 2011, 14:56 ]

When I started this site, I needed to host the images somewhere in order to be able to image map them. I chose photobucket as it was an easy option. An unforeseen problem with this was that the images on the site were then blocked at work because our computer system doesnt let us view content from photobucket.

I realised today that what I needed to do was to change the image hosting location. It occurred to me that I could just host the images directly on www.otstudent.info
There are some unresolved issues however. 
  1. Do I need to upload each mindmap in turn as an attachment to www.otstudent.info and then image map them again?
  2. Where should I upload each image to - its own page or to the top level
  3. does it work...
I've worked out, its easiest to have a page on here where all images are attached, but which hopefully no users will find. All the images on photobucket were 'public' anyway, so it doesnt make much difference. There is probably more space for hosting them here. It is best if I re-image map each image, everything seems to be working.

Updates to models

posted 5 May 2011, 16:28 by Tommy Carr   [ updated 5 May 2011, 16:29 ]

Updated the Kawa model to include a snippet of Michael Iwama's feedback directly on the page with a link to the facebook page it was made on. I have also updated the Model of Creative Ability following feedback from the creator of the website it links to: www.modelofcreativeability.com


posted 2 May 2011, 13:44 by Tommy Carr   [ updated 2 May 2011, 13:47 ]

I decided to add a disclaimer page. Basically everything here is my own work, my own ideas, my own understandings... and shouldn't be relied on by someone else 100%. In case you decide to try and rely on something for an exam, there is a disclaimer - its not my fault if I was wrong. You can find a link to the disclaimer on the bottom of every page, and also here: www.otstudent.info/disclaimer

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