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Image hosting

posted 6 May 2011, 13:07 by Tommy Carr   [ updated 6 May 2011, 14:56 ]
When I started this site, I needed to host the images somewhere in order to be able to image map them. I chose photobucket as it was an easy option. An unforeseen problem with this was that the images on the site were then blocked at work because our computer system doesnt let us view content from photobucket.

I realised today that what I needed to do was to change the image hosting location. It occurred to me that I could just host the images directly on www.otstudent.info
There are some unresolved issues however. 
  1. Do I need to upload each mindmap in turn as an attachment to www.otstudent.info and then image map them again?
  2. Where should I upload each image to - its own page or to the top level
  3. does it work...
I've worked out, its easiest to have a page on here where all images are attached, but which hopefully no users will find. All the images on photobucket were 'public' anyway, so it doesnt make much difference. There is probably more space for hosting them here. It is best if I re-image map each image, everything seems to be working.